Sunday, October 2, 2011


Im doing great,i my summer with my famliy even tough that sounds boring in realy was'nt..On my 11th birthday it was the best of all of them.My birthday almost lasted a week.THIS IS NOT A LIE.THIS IS A PURE FACT.It's already my first month in Brooklyn Collabritive Stuties,AKA BCS.I like it alot,I made alot of friends.
Talking about bloging on my PS58 acount,the last time i went to go see my teachers was last wensday,the one person i did not see my last year teacher Karen.
Darn in, o'how i just miss PS58.
Im done ill try to blog tomorrow.
I almost forgot if you have a xbox 360 and xbox live and you want to be my friend add me at my name

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


See full size imageWell i just saw Megamind.IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is number#1